Midway Approval

Before finalising for second round selection on the nomination received on First Selection Letter (FSL) i.e., first round with supportive documents is reviewed by vice-chairman, along with member of AIESAC. In this scrutinise process selection evaluated on the basis of supportive documents/earlier reputation. After a vigilant research only the satisfactory candidates profile is forwarded by vice-chairman to the office of chairman for second round approval.

Files hold by the chairman (AIESAC) for a limited period for thorough study before final round selection at the time of review. In case of any circumstances at the time of review, if the chairman would unable to evaluate any particular profile easily, chairman immediately will take the assistance of (chairman, selection board) to evaluate the profile.

If, chairman satisfied with the selection or remarks made by vice-chairman or AIESAC member or personally satisfied with the profile achievements & remarkable contribution, then concern applicants name approved by chairman for second round Approval (SRA) & letter along with nomination form despatched to the applicants with signature & seal of the chairman which should be returnable through Registered/Speed Post within 15 days or as per mentioned on the selection letter.

  • In this particular case chairman is vested with the independent power by board to work, research upon the profile independently.
  • Chairman has the sole discretion power to select/reject application as he/she thinks fit & application can be hold or rejected by him/her in case of any suppression of matter, incomplete nomination.
  • The decision of chairman shall be full & final in all final selection/approval related matter & winners are bound to obey the selection list made by the chairman.
  • Nominations should be applied with supportive documents & only complete nominations will be considered for final selection. Incomplete nominations will be rejected & not considered for final round selection at any manner.
  • Nomination forms should be sent through Indian speed/registered post. Sending through any other communication mode will not be accepted in any manner.
  • No intimation will be send to non-selected applicant.

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