Preliminary Approval

There is no provision to join AIESAC branding or recognition platform directly. Only first selection letter (FSL) recipients can apply to be a part of recognition platform by filling nomination online & offline as per advised from time to time.

Prior to invite online nominations nationwide from different spheres for every recognition session, AIESAC gathers essential information about various prominent personalities, organisation, products, customer satisfaction report, growth, etc, across the nation through its research or official team.

Profile list collected from AIESAC officials or its research team are forwarded by the Vice-chairman to the office of the chairman for the final approval /consideration.

Chairman holds a research up on profile forwarded by board & after verification if profile founds to be satisfactory then, chairman can made request to applicant through official letter or phone call or e-mail or any other communication (as per requirement) to file nomination online or to submit Application with prescribed documents by India Speed or Registered Post for Initial round selection. Hence, the process under which letter despatched by chairman to several organisations/individuals across the nation to submit their profile/information for first round selection is called First Selection Letter (FSL) i.e., first round.

Research Proposal

Research team having expert knowledge about different fields (i.e., person having market analysis knowledge) basically engaged by AIESAC (session wise) to collect complete information about various organisation/individuals as per the necessity through public opinion/other sources for the purpose of recognition.

Board proposal

AIESAC chairman, vice-chairman & its board members have the discretionary power to invite any organisation or individual to submit online nomination (i.e., Profile founds by him/her through internet search, personal knowledge or any other communication).The said process of AIESAC is called Board Proposal.

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