Vision & Mission

To create quality & excellence in different sector among the individuals & institutions throughout the world & to felicitate emerging young artists to exhibit & flourish their talents. Aiesac awards recognize the world’s best economic development programme & partnership, marketing materials & the year’s most influential leaders. These award honour organisation & individuals for their efforts in creating positive change in every sector. Winners are recognised at “AIESAC” conference.
To Search talented persons in all spears of the society and felicitate/award them in order to recognize /high light talents in the state, national and international levels.
To award different persons/organization/institutions etc for their Nobel activities for the society in different spheres according to their Excellency and also to name these awards/honours in different names as well as renowned persons or any other styles as the Board may think from time to time.
To organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions, symposiums on various educational, social, cultural, spiritual and religious issues.
To take up the programmes of welfare and development in collaboration with individuals and agencies of local, national and international level, for the beneficiation of socially deprived castes and categories with emphasis on eco-friendly sustainable development.
To promote Indian and Vedic culture through various forms of Arts, Architecture, Literature & to assist Nations in developing universal friendliness through Vedic Science.
Promote global partnership.
Providing a key component for quality of life and economic development.
Improve performance & capabilities of organization.
Enhance confidence & leadership quality of individual & organization.
Highlight exceptional efforts & professionalism in the economic development.
Bring remarkable change of organization placed in urban, sub urban& rural communities.
Recognize business excellence across all sectors.
Discuss important issues on economic growth at seminar.
Create awareness among those people who are involved with our economy development.
Sharing ideas, opinion & knowledge skill on every issue at seminar.

Social interaction, shared learning and opportunities for innovation and collaboration are some of the synergies that happen when talented people come together.